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Traffic: Conceptualism in Canada

Hart House :: November 26, 2010, 9:00 am


The Justina M. Barnicke Gallery

Conceptualism in Canada

November 26-27


Hart House
Hart House website



$100 (+$13 HST) Institution
$50 (+$6.50 HST) General Public

Free student tickets are now no longer available.

There are a limited number of free spots available to individuals who wish to attend but are unable to pay the registration fee. Please contact for more information.


The Justina M. Barnicke Gallery at the University of Toronto is proud to present a major international academic conference dedicated to the history and contemporary legacy of Conceptualism in Canada.

The conference is held in conjunction with the exhibition Traffic: Conceptual Art in Canada 1965 – 1980 which is on view at the University of Toronto Galleries until November 28.

Conference Programme

Friday, November 26

Conceptualism, Transnationalism and Diaspora
Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2102

David Tomas – On the Geopolitical/Geocultural Singularity of a ‘Minor’ Canadian Conceptual Art Artifact:
45o 30’ N – 73o 36’ W + Inventory
Heather Diack – Mapping Conceptualism: The Centre Does Not Hold
Dot Tuer – Local Circuitries/Transnational Transmission: Counterpoints Towards Trafficking in Conceptualism
Respondent: Louis Kaplan

Place and Space in the Global Village (I)
University of Toronto Art Centre art lounge

Gabrielle Moser – Non-site to Non-place: Challenging Myths of Placelessness in Vancouver Photo Conceptualism
Kenneth R. Allan – N.E. Thing Co. Ltd., Marshall McLuhan, and the Counter-Environment
Johanne Sloan – Urban Attitudes in Montreal, c. 1968-1972
Vincent Bonin – Translating the Canon: Conceptual Art in Montreal and the Provincialism Problem
Respondent: Sharla Sava

Conceptualism: Centres, Networks, Exchanges (I)
Bissell Building, Room 205

Felicity Tayler – Constellation and Correspondences: Networking between Artists, 1970-1980
Earl Miller – Information Remote: On Communication Art in Canada, 1970-1980
Bruce Barber – Kiwi/Canuck Conceptualism: Conceptual Art Correspondences between Canada and New Zealand, 1970 - 1975
Virginia Solomon – Centrality Dematerialized: Mail Art, the Eternal Network, and Canadada in the
Early 70s
Respondent: Luis Jacob

Focus Sessions – Business (Not) As Usual… (I)

Session A – Conceptual Pedagogy
University of Toronto Art Centre art lounge

Robin Simpson – Let the Buyer Beware: Rochdale College's Counterpublics and Printed Satire
Sunny Kerr – Failure Studies at Rochdale College
Charles Stankievech – Over the Wire: A Conceptual Pedagogy
Respondent: Jayne Wark

Session B – Michael Snow
Bissell Building, Room 205

Martha Langford – Dis-inFORMation, Michael Snow’s Ideas about Idea Art
Elizabeth Legge – Superfaciality: authority, candour, and artists photographing in the mirror
Respondent: Dan Adler

Conceptualism: Centres, Networks, Exchanges (II)
Bissell Building, Room 205

Simon Brown – Conceptual Practices in Charlotte County, New Brunswick, 1969 to the Present Day: Overview of a Para-marginal Millieu
Paul Woodrow – History is Written Backwards by People Who Weren’t There
Andrew Kear – Gordon Lebredt, in the Town that Conceptual Art Forgot
Kathleen McLean – Lines and Other Ephemeral Markings: Bill Vazan’s Early Conceptual Works
Reiko Tomii – A Networking Guru: Matsuzawa Yutaka and Japanese Conceptualism
Respondent: Andy Patton

Keynote Lecture
Hart House Great Hall

Blake Stimson – The Interior of Art

Introduction by Barbara Fischer


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Place and Space in the Global Village (II)
Hart House South Dining Room

Mark Cheetham – Putting Concepts in their Place: GI and the Nation Question
Anne Whitelaw – The Legacy of Absence: Conceptual Art in Edmonton
Leah Modigliani – Seek and Ye Shall Find: Sexual Politics in Vancouver’s Defeatured Landscape
Craig Leonard – Invisibility and Disappearance
Respondent: Louis Kaplan

Conceptual Art is Dead. Long Live Conceptualism (I)
Bissell Building, Room 205

Dan Adler – Labouring the Point: 'Conceptual' Notes on the Reviewing of Recent Art in Toronto
Christof Migone – I Think, Therefore I Follow: The Sequitur Principle in Contemporary Conceptual Practices
Sharla Sava – Christos Dikeakos’ Olympic Village Landscapes
Respondent: Sara Robayo Sheridan

Focus Sessions – Business (Not) As Usual… (II)

Session C – N.E. Thing Co. Ltd.
Hart House South Dining Room
Adam Lauder – The Executive Fiction of Iain Baxter & Jamie Hilder – The Artrepreneurial Spirit: The N.E. Thing Co., as a Going Concern
Respondent: William Wood

Session D – NSCAD
Bissell Building, Room 205
Gordon Lebredt – Setting Things Straight: Comic Relief and Critical Circumstances in the Work of Garry Neill Kennedy
Jayne Wark – Printmaking as Performative and Conceptual Medium
Respondent: Grant Arnold

Keynote Lecture
Hart House Great Hall

Terry Smith – One and Three Ideas: Conceptualism Before, During and After Conceptual Art
Introduction by Adam Welch

Conceptual Art is Dead. Long Live Conceptualism (II)
Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2102

William Wood – Trafficking in Conceptualism
Hans Maria de Wolf – Where Has it Gone, that Common Ground? Jeff Wall Versus Conceptual Art Theory
Fiona Macdonald – Protocol as Difference: Inter-generational Relations of Conceptual Art
Clive Robertson – The Vocational and Professional Politics of Conceptualism
Respondent: Ian Carr-Harris

Performance: Ian Murray Top Songs
Screening: Instructional Tapes (Curated by Maiko Tanaka)
Funkaesthetics Book Launch
Bruce Barber: Works 1970 - 2008

The Justina M. Barnicke Gallery website

Image Credit: N.E. Thing Co., Simulated Photo of the Moon's "Sea of Tranquility" Filled with Water and N.E. Thing Co.'s Sign Placed Beside It, 1969.
Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver Art Gallery Acquisition Fund.


Traffic: Conceptualism in Canada

Hart House
Fri Nov 26 2010, 9:00am (LIMITED SEATING)

Ticket Sales Begin:
Mon Nov 01 2010, 11:00am

Ticket Prices:
institution (incl. $13 HST) - $113.00
general public (incl. $6.50 HST) - $56.50

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